A Role Model

A Role Model

Remember McLovin? He's sort of back in the film Role Models. Christopher Mintz-Plasse stars in the movie.
Role Models Photo

Role Models Photo

Think Sean William Scott is a role model? He tries to play one in the movie Role Models.
Role Models Movie Poster

Role Models Movie Poster

Role Models looks pretty funny. The comedy stars Paul Rudd and Sean William Scott.

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Role Models Quotes

Ronnie: Suck it, "Reindeer Games"!
Danny: I'm not Ben Affleck.
Ronnie: You white, then you Ben Affleck.
Wheeler: You *are* white.
Danny: That's true, I am white.

Gayle Sweeny: Watch your language, Ronnie.
Ronnie Shields: My language is English and this mother fucker tried to grab my junk.

Role Models Review

In the interest of full disclosure: we love Paul Rudd. A lot. Dude seriously makes us laugh. So we were attracted to Role Models before...

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