Check out these Taken 3 posters photos and it's easy to see that Liam Neeson and his special set of skills are back.

Taken 3 Poster

Taken 3 Poster

The poster for Taken 3. Liam Neeson is back for his third Taken movie.
Tak3n Poster

Tak3n Poster

The first poster for Tak3n has arrived! The third film in the Taken series brings back Liam Neeson.

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Taken 3 Quotes

There are things I’ve done in my life but I was always ready to face the consequences, to protect my family.

Bryan Mills

Wanted for murder, suspect’s name, Bryan Mills.


Taken 3 Review

We may be biased, but we could watch Liam Neeson as Bryan Mills all day long. Now that Taken 3 is out on DVD, Blu-Ray and digital...

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