The Italian Job Movie Poster

The Italian Job Movie Poster

The movie poster from the 2003 Heist flick starring Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron, and Edward Norton.
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The Italian Job Photo

The Italian Job Photo

The Mini Cooper in The Italian Job. The film stars Mark Wahlberg and Charlize Theron.
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The Italian Job Quotes

John Bridger: How are you?
Charlie Croker: [shrugging] I'm fine.
John Bridger: Fine? You know what "fine" stands for, don't you?
Charlie Croker: Unfortnately, yeah.
John Bridger: Freaked out...
Charlie Croker: Insecure...
John Bridger: Neurotic...
Charlie Croker: And Emotional.
John Bridger: You see those pillars over there?
Charlie Croker: [looks behind him and sees the pillars] What about them?
John Bridger: That's where they used to string up thieves who felt fine.
Charlie Croker: After you.

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