Mr. Hand Picture
Mr. Hand (Ray Walston) gives a lecture to Jeff Spicoli (Sean Penn) who just wants to cut school and goof off and get high like everyone else. Slacker!


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Fast Times at Ridgemont High
Jeff Spicoli, Mr. Hand
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Fast Times at Ridgemont High Quotes

Jeff Spicoli: Where'd you get this jacket?
Stu Nahan: I got this from the network. Let me ask you, what's next for Jeff Spicoli?

Mr. Hand: 'Mr. Hand, will I pass this class?' Gee, Mr. Spicoli, I don't know! You know what I'm going to do? I'm going to leave your words right up here for all my classes to enjoy, giving you full credit of course, Mr. Spicoli.
Jeff Spicoli: All right!