Nick Stoller Directing Jason Segel
Jason Segel and Nick Stoller on the set of The Five-Year Engagement. The film opens April 27.


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The Five-Year Engagement
Jason Segel
Nick Stoller
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The Five-Year Engagement Quotes

Tom: We both know I deserve to get super laid for this.
Violet: Do you want me to wear a cape or something?
Tom: I want the show.
Violet: You get the Cirque du Soleil of shows...

To Tom and Violet! (Raises a toast) One assumes that everything is going to turn out like some romantic comedy, but most engagements end up like Saving Private Ryan. Good luck. God knows you're going to need it.


The Five-Year Engagement Review

The Five-Year Engagement re-teams Forgetting Sarah Marshall’s screenwriting team (Jason Segel and Nick Stoller), star (Segel), producer...

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