Out of the Furnace Woody Harrelson Christian Bale
Out of the Furnace stars Woody Harrelson and Christian Bale. The film also stars Casey Affleck.


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Out of the Furnace
Woody Harrelson, Christian Bale
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Out of the Furnace Quotes

Harlan DeGroat: I want my fucking money, Petty. You hear me, you fucking cunt. Give me my fucking money. I don't give a shit how you get it, give me it. You fucking cunt.
John Petty: Now, will you calm down. I'll get you the money, Harlan. I'm fixin' for a fight this week.
Harlan DeGroat: You've been saying that but you've been fuckin' jerkin' me off. Give me my fucking money, you cunt.

Rodney Baze Jr.: I should have popped that motherfucker.
John Petty: That would be the last motherfucker you ever popped.
Rodney Baze Jr.: Am I supposed to be scared of him because he sucks on a lollipop?

Out of the Furnace Review

Out of the Furnace is a gritty revenge thriller (check out our 11 revenge thrillers that rivet!) featuring and all-star cast led by Woody...

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