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Pam Byrnes is Greg Focker's girlfriend in the movie, Meet the Parents. Greg goes with Pam to meet her parents so he can ask for her hand in marriage.


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Pam Byrnes
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Meet the Parents Quotes

I'm gonna go upstairs and pay a visit to the shower fairy.

Greg Focker

Jack Byrnes: Did you flush this toilet?
Greg Focker: Maybe... You know what, maybe Jinx flushed it. I saw little Jinxy in there last night and he took a squatted... relieved himself.
Jack Byrnes: Jinx knows not to use that toilet and even if he did, he'd never flush it.
Greg Focker: What does it matter?
Jack Byrnes: The matter, Greg RN, is that when this toilet is flushed, it runs, and when you have a septic tank that's nearly full and a toilet that's been running all night, then you could have a hell of a problem.