Silence of the Lambs Anthony Hopkins
Anthony Hopkins stars in Silence of the Lambs. Hopkins is Hannibal Lector.


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The Silence of the Lambs
Anthony Hopkins
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The Silence of the Lambs Quotes

Hannibal Lecter: Now then, tell me. What did Miggs say to you? Multiple Miggs in the next cell. He hissed at you. What did he say?
Clarice Starling: He said, "I can smell your cunt."
Hannibal Lecter: I see. I myself cannot. You use Evian skin cream, and sometimes you wear L'Air du Temps, but not today.

[to Hannibal Lecter] Your anagrams are showing, Doctor. Louis Friend? Iron sulfide, also known as fool's gold.

Clarice Starling