Burt Reynolds Picture

Burt Reynolds Picture

Burt Reynolds has been in films since the 1960s and continues at amaze audiences with a mustache that never grays.
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Burt Reynolds

Burt Reynolds Picture

Burt Reynolds was born in Lansing, Michigan but grew up in Florida where he would eventually go to school at Florida State University on a footballs scholarship.  Reynolds was destined to go on to play professionally until an injury ended his career.  So instead Reynolds went on to persue an acting career and made his Broadway debut in Look, We've Come Through and his television debut on the 1950s series, Riverboat.  Reynolds would soon go on to make his fim debut in 1961 in Angel Baby.

Shortly after, Reynolds was in a series of low budget Spaghetti Westerns including Navajo Joe in 1966.  However, it was Reynolds role in Deliverance in 1972 that made him a star.  His next big movies were his starring role in the original The Longest Yard in 1974 and the iconic Smokey and the Bandit in 1976.

Other notable Reynolds films that followed were The Cannonball Run, Semi-Tough, Starting Over, and The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.  

Reynolds career continued to be successful as he stepped more into supporting roles in movies such as Boogie Nights, Stirp Tease, and remakes of The Longest Yard and The Dukes of Hazzard.

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