Eddie Griffin Picture

Eddie Griffin Picture

Eddie Griffin at the Race of a Cause charity event that he crashed an Enzo Ferrari practicing for. We hate you for that.

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Eddie Griffin

Eddie Griffin Picture

Eddie Griffin was born in Kansas City, Missouri and was initially a choreographer for a dance crew that did half-time shows for the Kansas City Chiefs until his cousin dared him to do stand-up comedy.  As an actor, Griffin has starred in several movies such as The Meteor Man, Armageddon, Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo, and Undercover Brother.

Eddie Griffin also had his own television show on the UPN network called Malcom & Eddie.  It lasted for four seasons.

Griffin is also famous for crashing one of the rare Enzo Ferraris while practicing for a charity racing event.  Griffin was okay, but the damage for the car was tragic.

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