Seth MacFarlane Hosts Oscars

Seth MacFarlane Hosts Oscars

The Oscars host Seth MacFarlane starts his night. MacFarlene is the emcee of the 85th Academy Awards.
Rating: Unrated
William Shatner Oscars

William Shatner Oscars

William Shatner channels Captain Kirk at the Academy Awards. Shatner was "helping" Oscars host Seth MacFarlane.
Rating: Unrated

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Seth MacFarlane

Seth MacFarlane in the Set of Ted

Seth MacFarlane attended the Rhode Island School of Design.

He is an actor, voice actor, animator, screenwriter, comedian, producer, director, and singer. He also is the creator of Family Guy, and co-creator of American Dad! In both shows, he voices numerous characters.

Earlier, MacFarlane was a writer and animater for Hanna-Barbera, and worked on Johnny Bravo, Cow and Chicken, Dexter's Laboratory, and I Am Weasel.

Most recently, he was the writer, director, producer, and played the voice of Ted in the hilarious comedy Ted.

If Seth MacFarlane is in the picture, you can always count on a laugh!

Kent, Connecticut
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