The First Encounter
When Frank Lucas walks out of church on this day, he's greeted by the man who has been hunting him down: Richie Roberts.


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American Gangster
Richie Roberts, Frank Lucas
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American Gangster Quotes

Detective Richie Roberts: My investigation indicates that Frank Lucas is above the Mafia.
District Attorney: Who does he work for? Which family?
Detective Richie Roberts: He's not Italian, he's black.
District Attorney: No black man has accomplished what the American Mafia hasn't in a hundred years!

Frank Lucas: They tried to kill my Wife!
Frank Lucas: Who are they?... Huh?... Maybe it was one of your people?
Dominic Cattano: I don't know yet.
Frank Lucas: You don't know.
Dominic Cattano: No.
Frank Lucas: You don't know.
Frank Lucas: I tell you what I know maybe I should just uh, put five hundred guns out there on the street and just start shooting up some people just to make a point.