The High School Musical Gang
Here they are, kids! You know you love High School Musical.

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High School Musical 2
Troy Bolton, Gabriella Montez, Sharpay Evans, Ryan Evans
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High School Musical 2 Quotes

Gabriella Montez: But you're messing with my friends, my summer, and that's not okay with me.
Sharpay Evans: You don't like the fact that I won.
Gabriella Montez: What's the prize? Troy? The star dazzle award? You have to go through all of this just to get either one? No thanks, Sharpay, you're very good at a game that I don't wanna play! So, I'm done here. But you better step away from the mirror long enough to check the damage that will always be right behind you.

[imitating Gabriella] Going to movies, listening to music, and golly, Troy! I have first aid training! Ahah-hah-hah oh please.

Sharpay Evans