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Forest Whitaker played the charismatic, murderous Idi Amin in "The Last King of Scotland," which focuses on the life of the Ugandan leader. A fascinating look inside the life of a man like no other.


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The Last King of Scotland
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The Last King of Scotland Quotes

Idi Amin: I am ashamed that you saw me like that. I was frightened.
Nicholas Garrigan: I'm a doctor. Everything that passes between us is confidential. Okay? I've taken an oath.
Idi Amin: But a man that shows fear... he is weak, and he is a slave.
Nicholas Garrigan: Well... if you're afraid of dying... shows you have a life worth keeping.

Nicholas Garrigan: I didn't want him to die though.
Idi Amin: But you did it. Why? You want to know why?
Nicholas Garrigan: Yes.
Idi Amin: You did it because you love me.