The Parents are Met
The clan poses together. It took awhile for Greg to be accepted as one of them.


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Meet the Parents
Meet the Parents Movies
Jack Byrnes, Greg Focker, Pam Byrnes, Dina Byrnes
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Meet the Parents Quotes

Greg Focker: You can milk just about anything with nipples.
Jack Byrnes: I have nipples, Greg, could you milk me?

Bob Banks: What is that smell?
Jack Byrnes: That smell, Bob, is our shit. Focker flushed the toilet in the den so the septic tank overflowed.
Greg Focker: I told you, Jack, it wasn't me, it was Jinx.
Jack Byrnes: FOCKER, I'm not gonna tell you again. Jinx cannot flush the toilet. He's a cat for Christ sakes!
Larry: The animal doesn't even have thumbs, Focker.