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There's a good reason some talent is undiscovered. Believing a talent scout named Mort Guffman will discover them and catapult them to stardom, some residents of the small town of Blaine, Missouri, put on a pageant, despite a lack of ability obvious to everyone ... but themselves.


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Waiting for Guffman
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Waiting for Guffman Quotes

I was shopping for my wife Bonnie. I buy most of her clothes and Mrs Pearl was in the same shop! And it just was an accident you know, we started talking... about panty hose, she was saying... whatever that's not the point of the story but what the point is is that through this accidental meeting... it's like a Hitchcock movie you know where you're thrown into a rubber bag and put in the trunk of a car, you find people. You find them. Something, is is it karma? Maybe. But we found him, that's the important thing. And I got Bonnie a wonderful pantsuit.

Corky St. Clair

[singing at an old folks home in Miami] Bubbe made a kishke, she made it big and fat, My Zaydeh took one look at it and said "I can't eat that!' ... Oh Bubbe, Bubbe, Bubbe, Oh Bubbe me oh myyyyyyyy...

Dr. Pearl