Wolverine and Sabretooth Photo
Remember, Wolverine and Sabretooth were not always enemies. Far from it. They were one-time allies.

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X-Men Origins: Wolverine
X-Men Movies
Wolverine, Sabretooth
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X-Men Origins: Wolverine Quotes

William Stryker: My name is Major William Stryker. You boys tired of running? Tired of denying your true nature?
Victor Creed: Why do you care?
William Stryker: Oh I care. I care because I know how valuable you are. I'm putting together a special team, with special privileges. So tell me, how would you like to really serve your country?

William Stryker: You were sentenced to death for decapitating a Senior Officer. Your sentence was carried out by a firing squad at ten hundred hours. How'd that go?
Logan: It tickled.