Any Parker review has to tell audiences that this film is what you see, what you get: A Jason Statham action movie. Sure, Parker has Oscar nominated director Taylor Hackford at the helm, but don't let that fool you... it's pure Statham sizzle.
Taken 2 brings Liam Neeson back to the role that made him an action star in Taken in 2008. Unfortunately, our Taken 2 review finds the film a little less thrilling than its predecessor.
Premium Rush moves fast, but doesn't come in first when it comes to action movies. The film starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a bike messenger certainly moves fast, but feels a little too empty.
Contagion is crafty in its way of showing how the world would react to a global virus. With Contagion stars Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jude Law directed by Steven Soderbergh, the film has sick promise.

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Action Thriller Quotes

Teri: What's your book about?
Robert McCall: It's about a guy who is a knight in shining armor, except he lives in a world where knights don't exist anymore.

I just wanted to say that I didn't know Thresh, I only spoke to him once. He could have killed me, but instead he showed me mercy. That's a debt I'll never be able to repay. I did know Rue. She wasn't just my ally, she was my friend. I see her in the flowers that grow in the meadow by my house. I hear her in the Mockingjay song. I see her in my sister Prim. She was too young, too gentle and I couldn't save her. I'm sorry.

Katniss Everdeen