The Lorax scored at the box office and has given us a good amount of terrific movie quotes. The film stars Danny DeVito as the title character, a creature charged with protecting the environment.
Some of the funniest quotes from the latest Pixar animated adventure. Cars 2 has already accumulated $68 million in its first weekend.
Rio is the number one movie at the box office this weekend. Check out our collection of quotes from the seriously funny film.
The one liners in this movie are hysterical and Russell Brand delivers them with great comic timing. Check out some of the funniest quotes from the movie.
Relive all the great moments from Rango. If you haven't seen it, you still have a chance to catch it in theaters.

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Animation Quotes

Elephants: Hut, two, three, four. Hut, two, three, four.
Shere Khan: What beastly luck! Confound that ridiculous Colonel Hathi!

You got any idea what they do to eggs in prison? I'll tell you this. It ain't over easy.

Humpty Dumpty