If large breasts, bad acting and lame spoofs are for you, then circle August 29 on your calendar. That's the day Disaster Movie comes out. Below, enjoy a clip from the comedy, as stars Kim Kardashian and Carmen Electra duke it out in a wrestling ring: http://w...
Unless Tropic Thunder and Pineapple Express have exhausted movie goers of all their laughter, Hamlet 2 ought to be a modest hit. The fil...
Jimmy Fallon, who is set to take over for Conan O'Brien in the 12:30 a. m. talk show slot next year, has been cast in Drew Barrymore&rsq...
While Pineapple Express and Tropic Thunder have appeared to rule the comedic universe this summer, a possibe sleeper hit opens on August ...

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Comedy Quotes

Jeremy Grey: Okay, what's our back story?
John Beckwith: We're brothers from New Hampshire. We're venture capitalists.
Jeremy Grey: I'm sick of that. Let's be from Vermont. And let's have an emerging maple syrup conglomerate.
John Beckwith: Wait, that's stupid. We don't know anything about maple syrup.
Jeremy Grey: I happen to know everything there is to know about maple syrup! I love maple syrup. I love maple syrup on pancakes. I love it on pizza. And I take maple syrup and put a little bit in my hair when I've had a rough week. What do you think holds it up, slick?

Brennan Huff: This house is a prison!
Dale Doback: On planet bullshit!
Brennan Huff: In the galaxy of this sucks camel dick!