With the release date of Hancock creeping ever closer (July 2! ), we figured it was time to release a photo tribute to that super hero. ...
Eddie Murphy is attempting to make his first funny movie in ages (no offense, Norbit fans) this summer. Will Meet Dave fulfill that goal? Take a look at the trailer for it now and see: http://ww...
Bruno - Sacha Baron Cohen's followup to Borat - will hit theaters on May 15, 2009. Although details have been kept secret, the new ficom...

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Comedy Quotes

Stu Price: Ew! Alan, did you just eat sofa pizza?
Alan Garner: Yes.

Brennan Huff: This house is a prison!
Dale Doback: On planet bullshit!
Brennan Huff: In the galaxy of this sucks camel dick!