Humpday stands out as a raucous comedy. It goes places that you never expect a movie would go.
What's there to even say about Bruno? This is a ridiculous, hilarious, fun ride.
17 Again is far from a fresh concept. But its fun cast makes it a delight for young viewers.
We can't believe Fired Up was actually released in the theater. It scarcely worthy of a direct-to-DVD release.
New in Town is unoriginal and insulting to small town folks. Other than that, we recommend it to everyone!
Four Christmases stars two of our favorite comedic actors: Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn. But is that combination enough to draw in viewers?
Samuel L. Jackson and Bernie Mac star in Soul Men. Here's our detailed review of the movie.

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Comedy Quotes

Stu Price: Ew! Alan, did you just eat sofa pizza?
Alan Garner: Yes.

Brennan Huff: This house is a prison!
Dale Doback: On planet bullshit!
Brennan Huff: In the galaxy of this sucks camel dick!