Here is the first photo of Sean Penn from the upcoming Gus Van Sant flick, Milk. Penn portrays Harvey Milk in the biopic; back in 1977, ...
Smart People star a handful of stars: Sarah Jessica Parker, Ellen Page, Dennis Quaid and Thomas Hayden Church. It comes out on April 11. Check out the trailer for it now: http://www...

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Drama Quotes

[narrating] We sat and drank with the sun on our shoulders and felt like free men. Hell, we could have been tarring the roof of one of our own houses. We were the lords of all creation. As for Andy - he spent that break hunkered in the shade, a strange little smile on his face, watching us drink his beer.


[narrating] I wish I could tell you that Andy fought the good fight, and the Sisters let him be. I wish I could tell you that - but prison is no fairy-tale world. He never said who did it, but we all knew.