The latest film from Brad Pitt, World War Z, has had its plot changed from the source material -- Max Brooks wildly successful novel. In the book, Pitt's character crosses the globe documenting a zombie takeover, whereas in the film he is in a race against time to stop it.
This weekend at the movie house is a crowded scene. The Help (which arrived August 10) is joined by 30 Minutes or Less, Final Destination 5, Glee: The 3D Concert Movie and in limited release, Senna.
Reviewing Final Destination 5 is much easier than expected as the film is a sweet surprise with its thrills and terror, but also its very present humor. The fifth installment in the Final Destination series lands in theaters August 12 and is a total joyride.
Brad Pitt stars in World War Z and the film has announced its release date: December 23. Just in time for Christmas arrives Pitt's tale of a U.N. official sent across the world to document how the humans fell to a legion of zombies.

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Horror Quotes

Lloyd: What will you be drinking, sir?
Jack Torrance: Hair of the dog that bit me, Lloyd.

You've fooled them, haven't you Michael? But not me.

Dr. Sam Loomis