Mark Ruffalo stars as a eager for success music executive in Begin Again. Keira Knightley stars as the woman who might be the key to his return to the top.

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Begin Again stars Mark Ruffalo as a washed up music executive in search for one more superstar. Keira Knightley stars as the woman who just might be it. The film is from the director of Once and also features the movie debut of Adam Levine.

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Begin Again Quotes

Dan: You can tell a lot about a person by what's on their playlist.
Greta: I know you can. That's what's worrying me.

You know, I wasn't trying to win you over. I was telling you to fuck off.


Begin Again Review

If you are one of those Movie Fanatics who adore Once, then do we have a true treat for you, Begin Again. The filmmaker behind the Irish...

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