Chronicle is a "found footage" movie about a trio of kids who discover they have superhero powers. It marked the debut of filmmaker Josh Trank.

Home video releases this week include The Devil Inside, The Grey, and Chronicle. For fans of Charlie Kaufman, Criterion Collection is releasing Being John Malkovich on blu-ray with all new special features.
The Super Bowl weekend is a scary place with Chronicle, The Woman in Black and The Innkeepers arriving. Good thing there's the inspirational, true tale and family movie Big Miracle.

Chronicle Details

Chronicle is a found footage movie that redefined the genre. Dane DeHaan and Michael B. Jordan star as two of three teenagers who discover they have superpowers. 

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Chronicle Quotes

Hey Matt, What did Jung say about glow sticks?

Andrew Detmer

Yes, it was the black guy this time...

Steve Montgomery

Chronicle Review

When Hollywood recently began delving into second tier superheroes from the comic book world, Movie Fanatic wondered why someone didn’t...

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