Fury stars Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf as members of an elite tank squad in the final days of World War II. David Ayer directs.

Brad Pitt is front and center in the first poster for the World War II drama Fury. Pitt stars as the leader of a tank brigade in the closing days of World War II.

Fury Details

Fury stars Brad Pitt as the leader of a tank squad that goes behind enemy lines in World War II. David Ayer directs, and Shia LaBeouf and Logan Lerman are co-stars.

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Fury Quotes

Boyd Swan: Wait until you see it.
Norman Ellison: See what?
Boyd Swan: What a man can do to another man.

Boyd 'Bible' Swan: Here's a Bible verse I think about sometimes. Manytimes. It goes
Norman Ellison: [Mumbling] Send me.
Wardaddy: Book of Isaiah, Chapter six.

Fury Review

David Ayer is becoming quite the master storyteller and that fact was front and center with his latest, Fury. Brad Pitt plays the leader...

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