With the release date of Hancock creeping ever closer (July 2! ), we figured it was time to release a photo tribute to that super hero. ...
After revealing a Hancock spoiler in our previous clip from this movie, here's another look at the Will Smith blockbuster. The superhero...
While we've already published - and gotten giddy over - the official trailer for Hancock, here's the latest TV ad for the Will Smith summ...
If it's possible for a Will Smith movie that's released over July 4 weekend to be flying under the radar, then Hancock would surely quali...

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, , and

Hancock Quotes

[to Asian gangsters] Your head is going up his ass, his head is going up his ass, and you get the short end of the straw, cause your head is going up my ass!


Rail Crossing Crowd #2: Your breath smells like alcohol!
Hancock: That's cause I've been drinking bitch!

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