Steven Spielberg's War Horse is picking up steam at the box office and the director sat down to discuss the finer points of his stellar film. Spielberg has horses himself, and that passion for the animals is seen on every frame in War Horse.
Martin Lawrence, Tyler Perry and Jamie Foxx are embroiled in a little Skank Robbers drama. Perry and Foxx are being sued by a prisoner claiming that he came up with the idea for a fake movie that he must think is really being made.
Pariah has arrived and filmmaker Dee Rees has crafted a gem. The story of a teenage girl in Brooklyn grappling with her sexuality is an announcement of talent from its director and cast.
The second trailer for Haywire has arrived and the Steven Soderbergh film is a departure for the director. The action thriller is in the vein of the Bourne films and features an MMA fighter, Gina Carano, in the lead.
2012 is almost upon us and the year in film is likely to be one of Hollywood's biggest. From the Spider-Man reboot to The Dark Knight Rises, there is an astounding list of films coming your way: What's your most anticipated?

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