Elle: I'm reading about the LSAT's
Serena: My cousin had that once. Apparently you get a really bad rash on your...

You with me, baby?

Buddy 'Aces' Israel

Fine. I'll give you both my number.

Fat Amy

Christian: Ana!
Anastasia: Christian!

I'm always going to keep this watch on Memphis time. Kelly time.

Chuck Noland

Gandalf: You'll never make it!
Bilbo Baggins: Why not?
Gandalf: Because they will see you coming, and kill you!
Bilbo Baggins: No, they won't. They won't see me.
Gandalf: It's out of the question! I won't allow it!
Bilbo Baggins: I'm not asking you to allow it, Gandalf.

And what world do you live in?

Carl Stargher

Lynn Bracken: You say fuck a lot.
Bud White: You fuck for money.

Mmm, I'm a little bit lonely these days.

Herman Blume

Harry: I've never seen a woman her age naked before.
Julian Mercer: You're kidding.
Harry: Hey! We're not all doctors, baby.

I'm famished.


Principal Gardner: Charlie, there are more important things than popularity!
Charlie Bartlett: Like what? Cause I'm seventeen. And right now, popularity's pretty damn important!
Principal Gardner: Like what you do with that popularity.

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