Not so tough without your car, are yeah?


There are only six others in the world, each with stars of one to seven. Besides you, Goku, this is my greatest treasure.

Grandpa Gohan

You better buckle up. I've had a lot to drink... just kidding. That's my humor!

Chip Douglas

Manny: What was all that about, Smith?
Jimmy Smith Jr: It wasn't my fault, I... It won't happen again.
Manny: Good. Don't be bringing that shit up here. Now get back to work.

Hey, fluff your bangs up a little bit?


Kiss my frozen tushy! Kiss it, kiss it!


Hey kid, say hi to your grandma for me.

Biff Tannen

Did you just fart?


He's so cheesy, I can't watch him without crackers.


Jess: What about the big con?
Nicky: Oh, you mean the one where we make so much money we all retire?

Al Pacino! Attica! Attica! Attica!

Tony Manero

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