Johnny Blaze: My daddy once said, "If you don't make a choice, the choice makes you."
Roxanne Simpson: Yea, why do your choices always keep us apart?

[faces Shredder] Come on!


I've got culture coming out of my ass.

Freddy Benson

Korath the Pursuer: Star-Lord!
Peter Quill: Finally!

That's a terrible name for a detective. Sherlock Holmes?


[to Chon Lin] You have a GREAT body. There! I said it! It's out in the open!


A pizza? Who said you guys could order a pizza?


We will try to welcome her back in, like a *civilized* family might.

Kelly Stone

This'll shoot the fleas off a dog's back at five hundred yards, Tannen, and it's pointed straight at your head!


Mount up!


Sylvia: You mean you bring other girls up here?
Kirkeby: Certainly not! I'm a happily married man.

I'm sorry for not standing, my fucking feet are killing me.

Bill Sullivan

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