I've never seen garbage eat garbage before.

Clark Kent

Mikey Abromowitz: They do it for the joy and the rapture and the slow-motion instant replay...
Reggie Belafonte: Say, why don't you go over to the snack bar and get yourself a big plate of shut up?

Vanessa Wetherhold: You should really make your bed. It sets the tone for the day.
Chuck Wetherhold: But, how do you know what tone I was trying to set?

You have Christ between your thighs... only with a shorter beard.


Your mom kinda freaked me out.

Russell Hammond

Lady Murasaki Shikibu: Stop now. Forgive them.
Hannibal Lecter: Never!

[Getting her car stuck in a ford] Oh, bugger it.

Queen Elizabeth II

No, no. No, see, this is a really shit idea. You know why? Because it's really obviously a shit idea.


I'm sorry, do you have some prior commitment? Some hideous skirt convention you have to go to?


The universe is an infinite sphere whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere.

Bernard Jaffe

Austin Powers: Your spy car's a Mini?
Nigel Powers: It's not the size mate, it's how you use it.

Run Forrest! Run!

Jenny Curran

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