Not So Slim Shady, what's up? I haven't seen you since high school...


Now, as then, a beast approaches, patient and confident, savoring the meal to come.


[on support groups] It's cheaper than a movie, and there's free coffee.

Marla Singer

There's nothing I love better than a dumb blonde with Daddy's plastic.

Boutique Saleswoman

I'll leave it on the steps... Steps.

Rocky Balboa

Who the hell is Julius Ceasar? You know I don't follow the NBA!

Ron Burgundy

Have you ever felt like you were a little bit different? Like you had something unique to offer the world, if you could just get people to see it. Then you know exactly how it felt to be me.

Flint Lockwood

Do you ever wonder at what point you got to stop living up here and start living down here?

Jimmy Smith Jr

Great, snakes on crack.

Nelville Flynn

Playing with my money is like playing with my emotions, Smokey.

Big Worm

I've wrestled crocodiles and dingoes simultaneously.

Fat Amy

Dr. Gonzo: Let's give the boy a lift.
Raoul Duke: What? No. We can't stop here. This is bat country.

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