This is our time.


We're the 3 best friends that anybody could have.
We're the 3 best friends that anyone could have, we're the 3 best friends that anyone can have and we'll never never ever ever ever leave each other."

Alan [singing]

People want me to do everything for them. What they don't realize is that they have the power. You want to see a miracle? Be the miracle.


Something troubles you.


You sharpen the human appetite to the point where it can split atoms with its desire; you build egos the size of cathedrals; fiber-optically connect the world to every eager impulse; grease even the dullest dreams with these dollar-green, gold-plated fantasies, until every human becomes an aspiring emperor, becomes his own God... and where can you go from there?

John Milton

Tony Blair: Let's keep in touch.
HM Queen Elizabeth II: Yes. Let's.

Do ya have ta call me fat? I tried going on a diet you know. The Zone, ya know, "Carbs are the enemy," eh?

Fat Bastard

It is said that his enemies would go blind from over-exposure to pure awesomeness!


An attack on one is an attack on all of us.


Use the Force, Luke.


Damn skippy!

Stephanie Plum

The suit is the modern gentleman's armour.

Harry Hart

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