Grandpa: She doesn't get eaten by the eels at this time.
The Grandson: What?
Grandpa: The eel doesn't get her. I'm explaining to to because you look nervous.
The Grandson: I wasn't nervous. Maybe I was a little bit... concerned, but that's not the same thing.

Dr. Ian Malcolm: She's, uh... tenacious.
Dr. Alan Grant: You have no idea.

Shut your mouth. Sh-sh-shut your mouth.

Brennan Huff

The key to a happy life is to accept you are never actually in control.


Ace Rothstein: Listen to me very carefully. There are three ways of doing things around here: the right way, the wrong way, or the way that I do it. You understand?
Don Ward: I do understand that. I'll get right on it. And thank you.
Ace Rothstein: Don't thank me. Just do it. You're the slots manager. I shouldn't have to tell you this.
Don Ward: Dang, you are right Mr. Rothstein. I am so sorry.

They hate us, ‘cause they ain’t us.

David Skywalk

[to Claire] Wake up, Claire! Jim's dead! He's dead! They're all dead!

Ethan Hunt

"We made a pact, Wolfpack only."

Alan [to Teddy]

We met upon the level, and we're parting on the square.

Burt Ramsey

What do you say we cut the chit-chat, a-hole?

Stanley Goodspeed

Ishmael: Whatcha doin', Mr. Munson?
Roy: Flossin'.
Ishmael: Flossin? Where the hell did I get "Munson"?
Roy: The name's Munson, what I'm doin' is flossin'.

Edward Lewis: What's your name?
Vivian: What do you want it to be?

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