John: I might get a shag at last.
Judy: Naughty.

You know, I never told you this, but they based a movie on my family. Seriously. Titanic. They changed it a little. There's not boat, nothing sank. But I did pose naked for a portrait once.


Bulma: Lets go.
Goku: We'll go, but we go together.

Howard Hughes: You're the tallest woman I have ever met.
Katharine Hepburn: And all sharp elbows and knees. Beware.

You're fired!


Hydrogen times pi!

Ellie Arroway

[smarmy] Hey, Metro City!

Metro Man

Indy, I love you. [burns him with a torch] Wake up, Indy! You're my best friend! Wake up, Indy!

Short Round


Carl Spackler

That's a position raise, I call.

Teddy KGB


Daniel Moskowitz
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Are you ready for that? Checking into a Las Vegas hotel under a phony name with intent to commit capital fraud on a head full of acid? I sure hope so.

Dr. Gonzo

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