Carl Showalter: I'm not gonna debate you, Jerry.
Jerry Lundegaard: Okay.
Carl Showalter: I'm not gonna sit here and debate.

What's holding him up?

Hank Fallon

Are you kidding me? Look at all this crap! There's like a million wires in here. I'm more like a three wire guy


Rosemary Woodhouse: Oh, God!
Roman Castevet: God is dead! Satan lives!

Another wedding invitation. And a list. Lovely.


The aliens went back to their dying home. Only a few were chosen to stay.

Jake Sully

I'm just a regular guy who did a wicked fucking awesome thing.


Legalize it

Deputy Clementine Johnson

Jim McAllister: Dave, I'm just saying this as your friend: What you're doing is really, really wrong... and you've gotta stop. The line you've crossed is... it's immoral... and it's illegal.
Dave Novotny: Jim, come on, I don't need a lecture on ethics.
Jim McAllister: I'm not talking about ethics, I'm talking about morals.
Dave Novotny: What's the difference?

Harry Bright: Bugger.
Sam Carmichael: My sentiments exactly.

I die with you, Donnie.


Marianne: Good morning, Fanny.
Fanny: Good morning, Miss Marianne.
Marianne: How did you find the silver? Was it all genuine?

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