[to her sister, Mary] You're my only hope. My life depends on it!

Anne Boleyn

Walt Simonson: Brooklyn is loaded with guys that own candy stores, two cars, and like to go to nightclubs!
Buddy "Cloudy" Russo: Yeah, but you put this little candy store hustler together with Joel Weinstock and maybe we got a big score!
Walt Simonson: Score, my ass!

You gonna let me outta here? I gotta pee.

Cain Marko

Am I always picking up after you boys?

Natasha Romanoff

Michael: Just don't want a relationship based on lies...
Cedric: That's marriage.

Maleficent: I must say, I really felt quite distressed to not receiving an invitation.
Stefan: You're not welcome here.
Maleficent: Oh dear. What an awkward situation.

We have to find the Dragon balls before the eclipse.


Lee: These men are Triads. The most deadly gang in China.
James Carter: You think they scare me? I'm from Los Angeles, man. We invented gangs!

Viddy well, little brother. Viddy well.


Ew, somebody grab him.

Willy Wonka

I know the rules, and number one is "no deals'.

James Bond

Do you have any idea what a Thompson sub machine gun does to a mortal?

Charley Rakes

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