I've seen better acting in a porno.


You're sweating.


You lost everyone's money, my money. I think you are losing it.


That's your last pee break for this trip.


And I guess that was your accomplice in the woodchipper.

Marge Gunderson

I told you to speak your mind Jack, but Jesus!

Admiral James Greer

Logic, logic, logic. Logic is the beginning of wisdom, Valeris, not the end.

Captain Spock

Anna: Can I say something crazy?
Hans: I love crazy.

Hail, Abalam!

Pastor Manley

Linda: How 'bout a kiss?
Dr. Buddy Rydell: I'd love a kiss.
Dave Buznik: I think she talkin' to me. And, uh, I think I can handle it.



[on Captain Howard and Captain Sinclair, having another vicious argument] They should just bone and get that shit over with.

Mike Lowrey

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