You kicked some serious monk-ass there, baby!

Dr. Buddy Rydell

Nose of a dog, the heart of a marine, sounds like a hero to me!

Kyle Wincott

Bring the noise!

Danny Butterman

What am I? A schmuck on wheels?


I bet she gives great helmet.

Dark Helmet

I'm not afraid to go out!

Alex Rover

Eddie Barzoon: Did you get my message?
John Milton: Yeah Eddie, you write beautiful!

Julian Mercer: Look who's answering the door!
Harry Sanborn: Look who's at the door!

Topper Harley: Can you save him?
Doctor: Can't be sure. I'm not a very good doctor.

It's okay, it's just pain.

Flint Lockwood

Go... catch a chicken.

Baroness Rodmilla De Ghent

Marge Simpson: Thanks for coming over.
Comic Book Guy: [happily] Thanks for giving me your pregnancy pants; I've never known comfort like this.

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