There's right and there's right and never the twain shall meet.


Bill: Sofie, Sofie, my Sofie. I'm so sorry.
Sofie Fatale: Please... please forgive my betrayal.
Bill: No more of that.
Sofie Fatale: But still...
Bill: But still nothing. Nothing, except my aching heart, at what she's done to my beautiful and brilliant Sofie.

Now, whenever you think of pullin' the trigger, you think of him first. 'Cuz if you don't, he'll snatch your fuckin' nuts out and use 'em for dice.

Alonzo Harris

How much more you got to eat? Appetites aren't as big as your noses, huh?

Melvin Udall

This is my first torture.

Douglas Freeman

[to Thorin] You brought upon them only ruin and death.


We're only leaving this place if you're coming with us.


Divine decadence darling!

Sally Bowles

Donatello: Reports of increased Foot activity...
Raphael: They've taken hostages...
Leonardo: Let's rock and roll!

Rasputia: What... the...? What just fell on my car?
Mr. Wong: Not what - who! Who just fell on your car? Ching chong ching chong!

You're crazier than a road lizard.


[reading inscription] If god did not exist it would be necessary to invent him.

Captain America

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