Bein' crazy about a woman like that is always the right thing to do!

Sam the Lion

Thirty, flirty and thriving.


So what do we do? What do we do?

Andrew Largeman

Lars Lindstrom: How was the game?
Gus: The cheese inspectors beat the crap out of us.

Chenille: I saw you workin' it out there tonight, girl!
Sara: Oh, yeah... slammin'!
Chenille: Ah-huh! Later!

I want to have a threesome.

Daphne Binks

Adrian: You want a roommate?
Rocky: Absolutely.

Computers are a bitch!

Luther Stickell

Gordon, when you tell this story to your grandkids, you be sure to leave this part out.

Capt. James West

It's the simple things in life you treasure.

Fred Kwan

Do you think I'm just anybody, Ali? Do you?

T.E. Lawrence

Reporter: What do you call that collar?
Ringo: A collar.

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