R.F. Simpson: Lina, you were gorgeous!
Cosmo Brown: Yeah, Lina, you looked pretty good for a girl.

Karen Eiffel: [narrating] And so he did what countless punk-rock songs had told him to do so many times before: he lived his life.

Beau's Mother: So you're opening for the looney tunes? They need to lock that one up and throw away the key.
Beau Hutton: She's not crazy.

Ah, there you are Pooter. Still alive I see.

Mrs Jennings

Everybody remember where we parked.


President Andrew Shepherd: She didn't say anything about me?
A. J. MacInerney: Well, she did say you were taller than she thought you'd be.
President Andrew Shepherd: Well, that's something.

[to Sean] Go. Get out of here. Go!

Daniel Hayes


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Oh, I see, young people in love are never hungry.


Burma's a warzone.

John J. Rambo

That... was *epic.*

Kim Pine

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