When I introduce you, and I tell them who you are, I don't think anyone will stay for dinner.

William Parrish

Sorry love, I'm sentimental.

Roger Thornhill

Living like this is a full-time business.

Mark "Rent-boy" Renton

Nice ma - nice manners, babe!

The Geek

What do you know?!

Bryan Mills

Olivia, come here.

Will Jimeno

Primrose Everdeen: Katniss!
Katniss Everdeen: I get to say goodbye!
Primrose Everdeen: Katniss!

Hello! Anybody?

Chuck Noland

[about The Vision] If he can wield the Hammer, he can keep the Stone.


Yo Sully!How does it feel to betray your own race?

Col. Quaritch

Along the way you bump into people who make a dent on your life. Some people get struck by lightning. Some are born to sit by a river. Some have an ear for music. Some are artists. Some swim the English Channel. Some know buttons. Some know Shakespeare. Some are mothers. And some people can dance.

Benjamin Button

[making fun of Skinny, comparing him to a talk show host]
Tyler Gage: You're like Ellen.
Mac Carter: But even she gets more girls than you!

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