Nancy Kendricks: [Mrs. Connelly leaves to run errands] Okay, come on. We don't have that much time.
Alex Rose: I know. She's running errands. That only gives us twelve hours.

Unfortunately, my neck does look like a vagina.

Fat Bastard

I don't get out to the movies that much, but "Bluntman and Chronic" was blunt-tastic.


You understand that if we don't find a stiff out here, we leave a fresh one.

Eddie Dane

I got you something GREAT at the farmstand.


Take me to a place where the drugs are free, the clubs have no gravity and every shag guarantees an orgasm!


We did it! We did it!

Pedro Cerrano, Eddie Harris

Captain Miller: Mike, Are you all right?
Sergeant Horvath: I just got the wind knocked out of me. I'm fine!

Simple Simon-ass motherfuckers!

Frank Lucas

This man ain't no mother-fuckin' MC / I know everything he's got to say against me / I am white, I am a fucking bum / I do live in a trailer with my mom / My boy future is an Uncle Tom / I do got a dumb friend named Cheddar Bob / Who shoots himself in the leg with his own gun / I did get jumped by all six of you chumps / And Wink did fuck my girl / I'm still standing here screaming "Fuck the Free World."

B. Rabbit

Maya: I saw your friend Gordon this morning
Dennis: I'll replace anything he stole.

What have we done?

Bilbo Baggins

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