Georgiana, The Duchess of Devonshire: I fail to comprehend how far we are fully committed to the concept of freedom.
Sir Peter Teazle: Freedom in moderation.
Georgiana, The Duchess of Devonshire: The concept of freedom is an absolute.

Rabinowitz: What are you reading?
Topper: Great Expectations.
Rabinowitz: Is it any good?
Topper: It's not what I'd hoped for.

I just think you have let your troubles get in the way of your entire life.


Wax on, wax off.


Did you ever have this kind of problem? Yeah - of course you did, you saucy minx.

Prime Minister

Rocket Raccoon: Why would you want to save the galaxy?
Peter Quill: Because I'm one of the idiots who live there!

Sebastian: I can't win with you.
Annette: It's not all about winning, Sebastian.

"These Americans are clearly master spies."

Finn McMissile

I just love that!

Effie Trinket

Angelica: That's hardly appropriate for the first mate.
Captain Jack Sparrow: Was I the first?

Jimmy: Meet your groomsmen!
Doug Harris: These guys can not be my groomsmen. It looks like the entire cast of Goonies grew up and became rapists!

You didn't kill for your country... you killed for yourself.

John J. Rambo

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