Use your feelings, Obi-Wan, and find him, you will.


Dude, I never went to college and check me out. I'm kick ass!


Marie: You don't have to smile.
Dan Burns: It's better than the alternative.

They're gonna need some more FBI guys, I guess.

Dwayne T. Robinson

This is my third marriage. How do you think that makes me look?

Mr. Big

Ryan: [Ryan and Ethan are discussing a place to meet] Santa Monica Pier.
Ethan: No, too busy.
Ryan: Yeah, that's kind of the idea, dickhead.

Would you stop feeling sorry for yourself? It's bad for your complexion.


We'll always have Paris. We didn't have, we, we lost it until you came to Casablanca. We got it back last night.


[singing] The way we play tonight is what we leave behind. It all comes down to right now it's up to us. So what are we gonna be? T-E-A-M Team! Gotta work it out turn in on!

Troy Bolton

Hi mom, its me... this really kind woman handed me the phone and told me to call you.

Elizabeth Wainio

As Phoebe O'Hara comes in front of the kindergartners to tell them about "strangers" Kimble looks her in the eyes and says "Show no fear!"... a reversal of her prior warning to him.

Detective John Kimble

Have you ever had a secret you couldn't tell anyone?


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