I feel a hate crime coming on.

Banky Edwards

Reepicheep: We were expecting someone taller!
Trumpkin: You're one to talk.

I will end the reign of the Gods.


Howard Hughes: Will you marry me?
Ava Gardner: You're too crazy for me.

You cast a big shadow.

Rocky Jr.

If you get blood on the carpet you're going to have to take the carpet up!


Dr. No: One million dollars, Mr. Bond. You were wondering what it cost.
James Bond: As a matter of fact, I was.

[Repeated line] Not my tempo.

Terence Fletcher

They honey potted us!

Aaron Rapoport

So dark the con of man...

Robert Langdon

Everybody dance!

Corky St. Clair

Gamora: You should have learned.
Peter Quill: I don't learn. One of my issues.

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