I'm going to need a bigger antenna.

Young Ellie

And we were dressed from head to toe in love... the only label that never goes out of style.

Carrie Bradshaw

You were supposed to understand. I'll make you understand.

Edward Nygma

Patriot Lou, he looks like Captain Crunch had sex with Paul Revere.


Pam Bouvier: Why don't you wait until you're asked?
James Bond: So why don't you ask me?

You Limeys can be pretty touchy about trespassing.

Felix Leiter

Goooooooood morning, Vietnam! Hey, this is not a test! This is rock and roll! Time to rock it from the Delta to the D.M.Z.!

Adrian Cronauer

Charlotte Banksasks: Hi, I'm Charlotte. Nice to meet you.
Sam: I've known you since 5th grade.
Charlotte Banksasks: ...Hmm.

Trudeau: McClane, I know how you must feel.
John McClane: I wanted to help those people tonight. I was pretty goddamn useless.

Banned for life. Wow! That's a long time.

Darren MacElroy

Our target for this year's purge is hiding in your home. You have one hour to find him and give him to us or we will kill all of you. We will be coming in.

Polite Leader

John Milton: Are we negotiating?
Kevin Lomax: Always.

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